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The Grand Rapids Business Journal is the business newspaper of Metro Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon & West Michigan. Gemini Publications is one of Michigan’s top niche publishing companies. Founded in 1979, the Company employs Michigan’s best and brightest to provide important news and information.  The Company’s mission is to create outstanding, high quality communications products for discerning readers. This includes managing custom projects for a wide variety of businesses and professional firms. We are always positive about Michigan!!

John Zwarensteyn
Phone: (616) 459-4545

Carole Valade
Phone: (616) 459-4545

Ad Manager
Jenn Maksimowski
Phone: (616) 459-4545

General Sales Manager
Randy Prichard
Phone: (616) 459-4545

Circulation & Marketing Manager
Scott Miller
Phone: (616) 459-4545
  • Readership study done by: The Boone Group
  • Readership study completion date: 2011
  • Median age of reader: 53 years
  • Percentage of readers in top management: 73%
  • Average reading time with each issue: 33 minutes
  • Average household income: $143,712
  • Download Media Kit: n/a
  • Electronic Media Kit : View
  • Type of Publication: tabloid
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Year First Published: 1983
  • Cover Price: $2.00
  • Published Annual Subscription Price: $59.00
  • Circulation Audit Done By: Circulation Verification Council
  • Current Circulation Audit Date: September 30, 2015
  • Total Paid Circulation: 2,609
  • Total Circulation: 5,085
  • Total Readers : 33,458
  • Average monthly unique website visitors : 42,853
  • Average monthly website page views: 114,104
  • Total size of database of recipients of your email newsletters: 38,648
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