2018 Winter Conference Speaker Bio

Meet the Leadership Conference Speaker:

Sal Fuentes is a founder and CEO of Decision Counsel. Sal has worked extensively with media, data and tech companies to help shape strategic direction and address critical business challenges. He has been instrumental in building digital, sales, marketing and content strategies for some of top companies in their categories. His clients include industry leaders such as Spotify, Dun & Bradstreet,, Thomson Reuters, Time Warner, Hanley Wood, Source Media, Northstar Travel Group and Omeda.

Before founding Decision Counsel, Sal Fuentes was President of Liquid Thinking a Silicon Valley based Digital Innovation Firm and served as Managing Partner at CKS where his clients included IBM, Fujitsu, Walgreens, Grupo Televisa and Mazda. A talented speaker and facilitator Sal has lead innovation programs at IDG, Dun & Bradstreet, Northstar Travel Media and Source Media

Sal lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and spends extensive time in NYC. He is an avid Scuba Diver, Concert Goer, Tequila Collector and just finished a 6 week cross country journey across the United States with his Bernese Mountain Dog Stabler!

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