About Biz 417

Biz 417 showcases the entrepreneurs starting new ventures, profiles professionals working to improve their performance and creates a forum for masters anxious to share their expertise. Biz 417 is a subscription-based magazine in southwest Missouri that serves a market of business-minded readers and client advertisers and engages them by focusing on growth. It’s networking in print.

Logan Aguirre
Phone: (417) 883-7417

Jenna DeJong
Phone: (417) 883-7417
  • Readership study done by: n/a
  • Readership study completion date: n/a
  • Median age of reader:  -
  • Percentage of readers in top management: n/a
  • Average reading time with each issue:  -
  • Average household income: n/a
  • Download Media Kit: Download
  • Electronic Media Kit : n/a
  • Type of Publication: magazine
  • Frequency: Bi-Monthly
  • Year First Published: 2015
  • Cover Price: $4.95
  • Published Annual Subscription Price: $14.99
  • Circulation Audit Done By: CVC
  • Current Circulation Audit Date: Pending
  • Total Paid Circulation: 2,000
  • Total Circulation: 8,200
  • Total Readers : n/a
  • Average monthly unique website visitors : 4,700
  • Average monthly website page views: 12,200
  • Total size of database of recipients of your email newsletters: 9,111
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