About D CEO

D CEO is a monthly business magazine serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Region. D CEO also operates two business news sites serving the healthcare and commercial real estate industries. In addition, D CEO operates and is the custom publisher for the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce.

D Magazine Partners also publishes the regional city publication D Magazine as well as D Home and D Weddings.

Group Publisher
Josh Schimmels
Phone: (214) 939-3636

Managing Editor
Glenn Hunter
Phone: (214) 939-3636

Ad Manager
Rhett Taylor
Phone: -

Gillea Allison
Phone: -

Christine Perez

Audience Development Director
Amanda Hammer
Phone: -
  • Readership study done by: CVC
  • Readership study completion date: 2015
  • Median age of reader: 53 years
  • Percentage of readers in top management: 83%
  • Average reading time with each issue: 38 minutes
  • Average household income: $365,900
  • Download Media Kit: Download
  • Electronic Media Kit : n/a
  • Type of Publication: magazine
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Year First Published: 2006
  • Cover Price: $7.95
  • Published Annual Subscription Price: $54
  • Circulation Audit Done By: CVC
  • Current Circulation Audit Date: n/a
  • Total Paid Circulation: 456
  • Total Circulation: 17,995
  • Total Readers : 85,476
  • Average monthly unique website visitors : 56,000
  • Average monthly website page views: 64,000
  • Total size of database of recipients of your email newsletters: 14,500
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