• Founded in 1979, the Alliance of Area Business Publishers (AABP) was started to bring together city and regional business magazines and tabloids throughout North America. Typical of its members are such publications as Crain’s Chicago Business, Florida Trend, New Orleans CityBusiness and Grand Rapids Business Journal.
  • AABP represents approximately 65 publications in North America with a combined circulation of over 1.8 million. Much of the niche industry’s growth from 16 member publications 11 years ago to its current level is due to the failure of local newspapers to hone in on Americans’ fascination with business goings-on, especially in their own communities.
  • AABP works on behalf of its members by providing marketing and communications services, lobbying, educational programming and new business development. The Alliance offers members a monthly electronic sales training program with national recognized leaders in the field.
  • The Alliance’s combined readership of over 1.8 million compares with the two million readers of Wall St. Journal, 900,000 readers of Business Week, 700,000 for Fortune and 700,000 of Forbes.
  • The current AABP President is Shelly Elmore, Publisher, Twin Cities Business. According to Elmore: “Local business publications have developed a strong following among advertisers who want business-to-business marketing opportunities within their local markets and business readers who seek more in-depth coverage than the daily papers offer concerning local business activities. More and more, business people want to know `How’s business?’ in their own backyard — on Main St. as well as on Wall St. Our publications answer that question.”
  • Planned activities of AABP include monitoring and disseminating information on the latest electronic publishing concepts and techniques, national opinion polling among members on a variety of business topics, providing benchmark updates of sales, circulation, editorial and production figures, education and training seminars for its members, and strengthening the position of this niche in the national marketplace.

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