Statement of Purpose

Local and regional business publications constitute one of the fastest-growing and most significant trends in publishing today. They fill the void between the national business publications, which are too large to focus consistently on local and regional business news, and the daily press, which in many cases inadequately reports local business news.

The AABP member fills the vacuum by focusing on the local market, covering and working with the local business community, and translating the overall trends of the region into a targeted, expert information source for readers.

The rapid growth of local and regional business publications offers advertisers the only opportunity to choose selected and targeted business markets or to buy a national package of business readers that is unduplicated.

The role of AABP is to foster the growth of these publications and to make them increasingly useful to the business community they serve. It provides the framework through which regional and local business publications can cooperate, exchange information, and work together on common industry issues. AABP members benefit from market research, regular meetings, workshops, a national advertising and public relations program, awards for editorial excellence, and an ongoing exchange of information and ideas.

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