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Membership Engagement


To advance the publishing niche of local and regional business publications and to help members achieve greater profitability.


  • To be the definitive source for training, educating and engaging our members.
  • To be the primary resource for members to meet and network with each other.
  • To have as members, the best and brightest business media companies.
  • To assist our members to position themselves as the definitive source for local business news and events
  • To have established a quality standards program for members.


  • 3 Annual Networking Events: Summer, Fall, Winter in varying locations
  • Regular Online Webinars with Industry Experts
  • Online Member Forum for Immediate Feedback
  • AABP Monthly Newsletter Update
  • Editorial and Design Awards Competition
  • Financial Cost + Revenue Benchmarking Survey
  • National +  Local Readership/Circulation Audits
  • National Advertising Program
  • B2B Sales Training
  • Best Ideas + Best Practices
  • Business Event Profiles