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Newsroom Training Series

Chris Roush of Talking Biz News and Quinnipiac University teaches aspiring newsroom writers and editors about business writing.  AABP is hosting a series of 6 newsroom training webinars as follows:

Monday, September 19 @ 11am EST: Developing a business beat

Monday, October 3 @ 11am EST:  Keys to making business stories more appealing
Monday, October 17 @ 11am EST:  How to find stories that aren’t being told 
Monday, October 31 @ 11am EST:    Finding news in SEC filings
Monday, November 14 @ 11am EST:  The art of the profile story
Monday, December 5 @ 11am EST:  Covering private and small companies
Each one will last 45-60 minutes including Q & A and they will all be recorded and archived to the website, but please do try to participate on the day of the event if possible. Zoom links will be sent to the AABP Google group for editors and publishers prior to each webinar.