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As a member of AABP, your publication’s staff are able to access industry news and association news through the AABP website. From this page, you can access information that is exclusive to AABP members as well as the information available to the general public.

Not currently a member of AABP? But interested in joining the organization? Read through the frequently asked questions and join today!

Facts about AABP »

  • AABP Job Listings – Search employment opportunities from AABP members
  • Event Gallery – View photos from all previous AABP conferences
  • Past Meeting Materials – Find presentations from the last several Alliance meetings.
  • Resource Corner – Find a copy of the current Group Audit report, copy of Alliance bylaws, copy of Donated Space program materials and much, much more.
  • Donated Space Group Ad Buy –  AABP Members are required to donate up to 2 full pages per year to the association to help fund it through a national group ad buy.  AABP uses the net proceeds to underwrite meetings, pay for the free CVC audits and to keep the cost of membership as low as possible. The buy is not sold every year, but when it is, members are required to comply with donating up to 2 full page, 4-color ads, following the AABP membership guidelines.