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Newsmakers, Charleston Regional Business Journal

The last ROP issue of December is typically an advertising black hole with many people on holiday vacation, no real news to speak of and all hands on deck occupied with the annual Book of Lists. Charleston Regional Business Journal created a way to breathe life into this difficult issue with Newsmakers, a recap of the best stories of the year.

For editorial, the paper provided a full-page update for the top news stories, dressing up the layout with impactful quotes, previously unused photos and a sidebar providing any relevant updates. The page opposite was offered to advertisers at a special one-time rate. Advertisers were motivated with assurances the fixed page count would provide a limited number of ad positions.

Management also gave attention to staff motivation and workload. Deadlines were set for September to help avoid conflict with production of the annual Book of List. And, staff was given the incentive of a free week off between Christmas and New Year if all editorial and advertising deadlines were met. 


REVENUE: $48,000 (Advertising)

EXPENSES: $16,100 (Printing, production and commissions)

NET: $31,840