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Indianapolis Business Journal reaches nearly 50,000 central Indiana readers with timely, thorough coverage of the local business scene. In addition to reporting breaking news, the award-winning IBJ staff covers trends and economic data for the Indianapolis market. IBJ also publishes IBJ Daily, a daily e-mail news alert, industry specific weekly news alerts and several supplements and magazines on specific topics and industries. Visit for real time local business news.

Nate Feltman
Phone: (317) 472-5335 E-mail:

Nate Feltman
Phone: (317) 472-5335 E-mail:

Chief Financial Officer
Laurinda Swank
Phone: (317) 472-5327 E-mail:

Lesley Weidenbener
Phone: 317-472-5370 E-mail:

Director of Advertising
Lauren Fox
Phone: 317-472-5235 E-mail: lfox@ibj.comm

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