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New Hampshire Business Review

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150 Dow Street, Tower 1
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 624-1442

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About New Hampshire Business Review

NH Business Review is the only statewide business newspaper in the Granite State. Established in 1978, NH Business Review, published biweekly, has long been seen by readers and advertisers as the most respected source of business information, news, features and advice in the state.

More than 50,000 influential and affluent NH Business Review readers range from sole proprietors to CEOs and other top executives of large publicly held corporations to key government decision-makers.

In its in-depth regular sections, the newspaper covers the real estate and construction industry, the high-tech sector, banking, the legal profession, health care, the hospitality industry, among many others.

NH Business Review’s online presence includes the Daily Business News Browser, an e-newsletter sent each day to thousands of business people, keeping them up to date with breaking business news and information.

Sharron McCarthy
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Jeff Feingold
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Kimberly Lencki
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  • Readership study done by: Accelara Publishing Research
  • Readership study completion date: March 24, 2014
  • Median age of reader: 55 years
  • Percentage of readers in top management: 50.3%
  • Average reading time with each issue: 25 minutes
  • Average household income: $155,000
  • Download Media Kit: n/a
  • Electronic Media Kit : VIEW
  • Type of Publication: Newspaper
  • Frequency: Every-other-week
  • Year First Published: 1978
  • Cover Price: $1.75
  • Published Annual Subscription Price: $32.00
  • Circulation Audit Done By: Circulation Verification Council
  • Current Circulation Audit Date: April 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014
  • Total Paid Circulation: 781
  • Total Circulation: 12,203
  • Total Readers : 50,000
  • Average monthly unique website visitors : 30,000
  • Average monthly website page views: 62,000
  • Total size of database of recipients of your email newsletters: 3,900