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Twin Cities Business

MSP Communications

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220 South Sixth Street,

Suite 500

Minneapolis, Minnesota

55402 USA

(612) 373-9584

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About Twin Cities Business

Twin Cities Business is Minnesota’s leading provider of business news, insight, and analysis through daily online news stories, e-newsletters, a monthly print magazine and live events. Along with our readers, we get to know the personalities of our region’s most influential leaders, exploring the “how” behind their success, strategies, and solutions. We discuss today’s most pressing issues, examine trends and outlooks, and provide the context, perspective, and information leaders have come to depend upon.

Senior Account Manager
Andrea Shapiro
Phone: 612-251-8815

Shelly Elmore
Phone: (612) 336-9212 E-mail:

Editor in Chief
Allison Kaplan
Phone: (612) 336-9299 E-mail:

Account Director
Traci Auger
Phone: (612)373-9584 E-mail:

Marketing Manager
Jessica scheu
Phone: (612)373-9584 E-mail:

Senior Account Manager
Rian Heaslip
Phone: 612-336-9215 E-mail:

Event Coordinator
Sarah Aulik
  • Readership study done by: Readex Research
  • Readership study completion date: 2013
  • Median age of reader: 54 years
  • Percentage of readers in top management: 80%
  • Average reading time with each issue: 31 minutes
  • Average household income: $232,000
  • Type of Publication: Magazine
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Year First Published: 1993
  • Cover Price: $5.99
  • Published Annual Subscription Price: $24.95
  • Circulation Audit Done By: BPA Worldwide
  • Current Circulation Audit Date: June 2016
  • Total Paid Circulation: 1,628
  • Total Circulation: 30,370
  • Total Readers : 76,000
  • Average monthly unique website visitors : 62,915
  • Average monthly website page views: 149,897
  • Total size of database of recipients of your email newsletters: 58,000